Activities in Denmark:

The network has an extensive contact list, which at present day includes Denmark and Sweden, so those with Kundalini problems can meet and talk with others in the same situation. The network establishes self-help groups.

Literature lists Literature listcan be forwarded, and tapes of 4 Danish radio programs about Kundalini are available for sale.

Meetings and talks are arranged.

Large collections of articlesArticle listare available copies can be bought.

A newsletter is published quarterly, named "Kunda*linien". (Only in Danish)

Interviews are taped to find susceptibility factors, release factors, and treatment strategies.


If you want to establish a similar network, where you live, you are welcome to use the text from this leaflet with your own name. We do hope, before too long, to have established an international, and finally a global, Kundalini Network.

Contact Person in Denmark:

Ib Bak
Engenskvarter 12
7400 Herning

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