Paul Brunton spent almost four months on Martinus in Copenhagen, Denmark.
The constantly recurring question he had to Martinus, the female interpreter has told, was: how dangerous is meditation? He was concerned about the many letters he had got from relatives and friends to people who were meditating based on the advice in his books. They asked what to do with the meditating persons to help them back to normal again, because they had gone crazy.
He asked Martinus again and again about the dangers of meditation and Martinus stated over and over again that the only form of meditation that is totally safe, is sitting down and thinking lovingly of your worst enemy. And he always added: "Yes, just five minutes - many can't manage more!"
Paul Brunton did many notes and planned to write a book, but all his notes were stolen on his way to Cairo, where he stopped on his journey back to India.
But in the republication of the Danish edition of his book "The Secret Path", 1977, he added a new note in his preface:
"However, I find it here necessary to point out a warning to all new-beginners in practises of meditation. The abilities that develop by time when one works with meditation, as well as its influence on all different sides of the personality, makes this warning necessary. You shall always combine meditation with serious efforts in improving your character and moral and get rid of all devastating emotions from your consciousness, as hatred, anger and so on, and create balance between the different aspects of the personality.
Otherwise there will occur detrimental effects instead of useful". (The quotation freely translated from Swedish Kosmos 10/1990)

Marja S

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