Deep thoughts of children in Scandinavia

A lady who I know is so devoted Christian, so they call her religious.
She is as pious as a cat. (Anne Merethe 8 years)

When one dies one comes to Paris. (Kine 6 years)

It is typical of God to be good.(Jenny 6 years)

God is a soft man; he is almost transparent.(Kate 6 years)

It is God who owns the sun. He turns it out at night to save electricity.(Nicole 5 years)

Gods mothers name is Godmother. She is mother of all his grandchildren: Moses, Jesus and Santa Claus.(Henrik Andre 7 years)

To be an angel is typical womens labour.(Anna 9 years)

Boys don't look like angels, not even when they laugh.(Cornelia 7 years)

In paradise they use some green leaves instead of knickers.(Therese 7 years )

An apostle is a kind of donkey.(Rune 6 years)

I have eaten an apostle once, but it didn't taste any good.(Sophie 7 years)

The congregation are those who agree with the priest.(Mie 8 years)

If you kneel by the priest's fence, you get dog-cookies.(Frida 6 years)

The children about to be baptised get a long dress. They are too small to
be sad of it.(Johnny 5 years)

Priests are busy with birth, baptism, conspiration and funerals.(Christoffer 8 years)

If you don't want to be married anylonger, because the man was more stupid than you thought, then you can divorse as friends.(Silje Marie 7 years )

There are two kind of angels, common angels and guardian angels. Guardian angels are shot out with cannons. They have more action, and they have cooler haircuts. (Anne Sophie 6 years)

At noon, everyone are laying down, turning towards Mecca and
biting the carpet fringes.(Raymond 7 years)

I have a dog who believes in God.(Ida 5 years)

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