Martinus with his Symbol

1. The purpose of the symbols
By help of the symbols it is possible to give to the reader an easily comprehended view over the cosmic structure of the universe itself.

Martinus with one of his many Symbols

The purpose of these symbols is only to mark the absolute fundamentally leading principles and laws in the structure and manifestation of life or the universe.

They constitute visible markings of intangible cosmic analysable realms, which in themselves are eternal and therefore exist outside time and space. These spheres thus do not have any time and space dimensional form. But that does not prevent them from existing as "Something that is". As this "Something" constitutes an unshakeable reality on which all life is based, then it is necessary that one becomes conversant with the eternal realities which this "Something" constitutes, if one hopes to be able to experience completely and rationally a solution to the mystery of life. These phenomena existing behind time and space are, as mentioned, described very extensively in "Livets Bog". Here we shall therefore explain only the symbols which, in relation to that book's cosmic analyses, are the same as a map is in relation to geography.

2. The symbols are physical markings or indications for the invisible leading cosmic principles and laws of the universe
As the objects of the above-mentioned analyses do not constitute palpable and for the physical senses, directly comprehensible phenomena, then we have endeavoured to create in the form of symbols visible pictures of the objects in the most important cosmic analyses. But the object which is not physical and has no physical form, cannot be copied or reproduced in any natural picture form, just as it cannot either be experienced by low-psychic or clairvoyant sense perception, but, on the other hand, only through high-psychic experiences. Such an object can only be symbolized. To symbolize an invisible object is the same as to indicate each of the special symptoms or effects of the object by one or another physical mark. All the pictures represented in this work are of just such spiritual or invisible objects which are indicated by physical figures, colours and lines. These figures, colours and lines, etc. constitute, each of them, records of effects and results by which the invisible realities work together and manifest themselves in our daily experiences of life. By thus recording the spiritual or cosmic realities, which in themselves are invisible, by physical marks and placing them in a mutual relationship, which corresponds to the mutual relationship in which they occur in the spiritual or cosmic plane, then we thus get a physical picture of the concerned spiritual or cosmic realm. This picture is not a natural picture of the object, but constitutes, on the other hand, a picture of the physical markings by which the details of the cosmic invisible objects can be recognized by our physical sight to help our concentration and thought. Thus by forming symbols for the cosmic realities, which all constitute a world invisible to the physical and low-psychic senses of human beings, we enable the research-worker, by acquainting himself with these physical markings of the invisible realities in the form of symbols, to work with them in the same way as he is used to working with the accessible physical objects or phenomena with his physical senses.

3. The symbols make it easy for the student to get a general view over the cosmic structure of the universe or life
Through this technique of the symbol, an understanding of the details of the spiritual or cosmic world is made physically obtainable since the details are couched in an artificial physical visibility. This physical visibility makes it much easier for the research-worker or the seeker after truth to understand the cosmic analyses in "Livets Bog", and so facilitates for him the road to that stage in evolution where he, by virtue of his own cosmic sense perception, can directly experience the great analyses of life. The cosmic analyses, which the symbols express, thus constitute the charted road for the modern research-worker to the experience of cosmic consciousness, and so to the experience of the solution of life's mystery, the living beings' immortality, the experience of being "one with God", and so the experience of being "One with the Way, the Truth and the Life".

From "The Eternal World Picture I"; ©Martinus Idealfond, 1963

Published with permission from ©Martinus Idealfond 2001-06-18

Martinus Institute in Denmark presents some of Martinus' colourful symbols on their web site with a short explanation in English. If you want to enjoy them, please click here.

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