Articles about Qigong and Tai Chi disease

Did you know that you could be physically ill or psychotic by Qigong or Tai Chi?

Psychophysiological Reactions Associated with Qigong Therapy

"Qigong as a part of the traditional Chinese medicine is similar to Western "meditation," Indian "Yoga" or Japanese "Zen," which can all be included in the category of traditional psychotherapy. A series of physiological and psychological effects occur in the course of Qigong training, but inappropriate training can lead to physical and mental disturbances."

Qigong Disease: What It Is & What to Do about It

"When l was an intern at the Lung Hua Hospital in Shanghai in
1982, l saw a small but steady stream of patients who were diagnosed with "qigong disease" or "taiji disease." Therefore,
people need to be a little careful when practicing qigong."

Culture-Bound Psychiatric Disorders Associated with Qigong Practice in China

"Chinese Qigong practice can lead to abnormal phenomena,
or even mental disorders, especially if practised inappropriately.
During the years 1950 to 1965, there were reports that the
practice of Chinese Qigong could lead to a deviation reaction."

Intracerebral haemorrhage and Qigong (PDF)

Case report:

"We report on a 65-year-old woman who presented with acute right sided weakness because of an intracerebral (thalamic) haemorrhage.
As a Qigong enthusiast with a long standing history of hypertension, she developed a stroke syndrome soon after practising Qigong one morning."

Sima Nan: Fighting Qigong Pseudoscience in China

"In daring to speak the truth about qigong, Sima Nan has been kicked, beaten, detained, tortured, ridiculed and accused of betraying his culture. He has suffered two crushed vertebrae, a crushed trachea and other injuries at the hands of those who were unhappy with Sima Nan's questioning the validity of qigong and
the claims of various qigong masters."

Will the Real Qi Please Stand Up?

Book Review: Qigong: Chinese Medicine or Pseudoscience?

"The final chapter is a report by Beijing Medical University psychiatrist Zhang Tongling on the effects of qigong-induced psychosis (zuohuo rumo). Delusions, hallucinations, and psychosis can result when people (especially those who are highly susceptible to suggestion) become obsessed with practicing qigong, a condition frequently encouraged by their masters."

Qi-Gong Psychotic Reaction

"Qi-gong psychotic reaction has been described in recent years as a new culture-bound syndrome in China. I have been able to find little information on it, although it is listed in the DSM-IV and the Chinese Classification of Mental Disorders."

Are There Dangerous Qigong Teachers?

"The danger of belonging to such a cult is that it dulls the intellect. Some people become mindless robots and accept everything at face value instead of using logic, science or proper statistical methods. For example, a common claim is that a Master can cure any disease. This fact has never been verified."

A Brief History of Qigong

"Many different martial Qigong styles were created based on the theories and principles of Buddhist and Daoist Qigong. This period lasted until the overthrow of the Qing dynasty in 1911; from that point Chinese Qigong training was mixed with Qigong practices from India, Japan, and many other countries."

Qigong and Yoga Symptoms

There is correlation between Qigong manifestations and the Kundalini awakening in Yoga.
Quotation from the article "Qigong" from this page:

"Activating one's qi will make a person feel 'sore, numb, hurt, cold, cool, warm, hot, floating, sinking, big, small, dizzy, etc.'"
"Soon, the energy flow in the room was palpable. In one corner, a woman squatting on the floor belched thunderously. Her left arm jerked wildly, poking the air and snapping back down every few minutes. An elderly man shook in his chair, as did the much younger man nearby. Loud collective yawning drowned the droning tape."

Interview with Li Hongzhi Falun Gong

"Everyone thinks that scientists invent on their own when in fact their inspiration is manipulated by the aliens. In terms of culture and spirit, they already control man."


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