Kundalini and Transcendental Meditation

Experiences by Arild Amundsen

On the 31.st of March 1984 I arose my Kundalini.
It was a permanent arousal. The situation was like this: I'd been meditating TM for one year. It was the ordinary TM, no advanced practice. I sat down and closed my eyes as usual this Saturday morning. When I had meditated for about ten minutes a scary silence entered my inner self. The silence was awesome, it was like entering into a black hole in outer space. My heart almost exploded and a bright light engulfed me with such power that I levitated. It was like diving into the sun. The force of it was like the force of a giant black hole in the eternity of space. I was terrified, I was physically hovering above ground for a second, I opened my eyes in terror and fell like Ikaros ! Ever since that second I haven't slept as a human, I lost my sleep! Whenever I closed my eyes, I saw the flames of Hell, I didn't dear to close my eyes, I couldn't! This was over 17 years ago. I became a psychiatric case, and 26 times I've been hospitalised. The positive effect of my Kundaliniarousal was that I now came in contact with the spiritual world. I was now able to channel The Teachings Of The Angel Masters into our world. You can read it on the following adresses: www.angelmasters.freeuk.com
I woke up my Kundalini on the left side of the body and I'm still twisted. My left brain is overheated and it NEVER sleeps! Today I'm about to become ahead of my Kundalini- I'm about to succeed in controlling it. I'm a happy man, I'm a Christian man and my future seems bright. Becoming a Christian did save me from insanity. Only Jesus could help me! - no human could help me, none of the techniques did help, and no teaching could take away the pain!

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