The Silva mind control technique

I was meditating and followed
the Silva mind control technique

It began in December of the year 1995, I'd decided to leave my therapy (which I had gone through 8 months) for personal I think it could have helped triggering the process...
I was meditating on a daily basis - just the simple way: lotus position, breathing exercises, some visualizations - also was reading the "Silva Mind control system" and was following their techniques (the countdown system for reaching the alpha frequency, along with other exercises).
I heard several times a tape with a recorded "tropical storm" and other water sounds..that was the first time I felt something my head was leaving my body...With the beginning of 96´ all went so quickly...I felt this awakening of powerful energies during my day of work...the tension I felt in that place where I was working, also added an important factor to this huge process...I was confused, and excited at the same time...there were days that I could work without feeling tired, for hours and hours, due to this extra energy that I was feeling, like a bonus, but also the tension was growing; mainly in my neck, my back. I saw a very different look in my eyes. I hardly had lunch or dinner, my weight went down - everyone noticed it, and it began to scare me...
I had some strange smell on my body - not usual at all in me-, my mind was completely revolted all day and night, but with the days and months I was getting used to that strange state of mind, it was like my new friend, and besides I knew that no one was going to understand me, even medical institution, or parents...It was me and the process.
Some days I looked at the mirror and my eyes were so shiny that I couldn't believe it, some strange ideas of being a "chosen one" or the next Christ on earth, with an important mission to develop to mankind, began to appear on my mind. But there were days so bad, the pain, like mind-riping kind of, the feeling of death, a giant massive death, like for everyone, the whole world was ending, and maybe next day I was feeling this unlimited love, I mean LOVE, like I had never experienced before in my life, for all things, persons, dogs, everyone's gifts or mistakes, even things..the walls, my bike, etc...
Had some personal realizations about my personal story, including thoughts and images (and most important, the sensations) of early ages .. 5 or 6 yeas old..this convinced me it was a therapeutic process ( It was ??...)
At that time I found a book written by Stanislav and Christina Grof called "The stormy reach of the being" and I thought it was one of those "synchronicity" kind of phenomena (that C.G. Jung studied so well) and it just hit the right note for me (the worst one): my self-referenced thought pattern went to heaven; I began to think that everything was disposed for my personal growing, everything that happened, happened for a reason, or had a deep meaning that had to do with me, God was in every place or situation, and the conclusion: The process had to go until the end, no matter what pain was ahead.
My social life reduced a lot, I only read esoteric or spiritual literature, the chaos inside my mind (and body) only increasing..some days the colors went too strong for my visual perception, it was so strange, I could stay hours watching the gloomy yellow of some paper, or watching the green of the TV, I even had to begin looking at the floor due to the overstimulation of my eyes; same thing with the audition...other day I was like high or stoned, like after smoking pot ( which I did some times between 93´and´94), and again, the extremely hard pain, massive depression, but in general the process was going down.
I think the most dangerous author I've read was Grof, this dude experienced with LSD on him and his patients, and after some years developed his own system called "holotropic breathing" which seeks same goal, without using drugs, but with devastating effects (though he recommends "go through the process"...yeah, sure...and finish like I did !! nice end ..!) This freaky doctor is touring the world with his "junkie" system (I saw him a few yeas ago, here in Argentina, in a TV program) and is very well known in the transpersonal world. Advise: don't follow his instructions !!

It all ended in June, the rest is very medication could contain me, 2 years of almost an animal life, I couldn't eat, have sex, even speak was a great deal to me, spending months, or days, in mental institutions, telling my "kundalini story" (yeah, sure !!) to the doctors.
I'm having anti-psychotics, antidepressives, stabilizants. I've been hospitalized in mental institutes for 7 times, I've been called schizophrenic, borderline etc.

Recovering every day, now I'm much better (thank God, should I say?)
Well, hope it can be useful for everyone about to begin any spiritual path. Before going ahead with any practice, ask yourself, with your right hand on your heart, and speaking to the most humble and sincere part of you: "what am I REALLY looking for?" Is it salvation? from what? Is it inner peace? Do you think that "leaving the material world" you'll find it? Is it finding a deeper sense of life? What makes you think it is so shallow?
Is it seeking higher pleasures? yeah, you can get some coke or smack too. Is it that you began the process "in your previous lives", and must follow? Ok, but first fix your actual one.....Is it..etc, etc.
Find yourself in this world, FIRST, and then, transcend it if you want, but don't escape, because the only place you might be escaping from is sanity and that other world, my friends, is no fun at all... I can assure it.


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