Books about Kundalini



Kundalini - An Occult Experience. The Theosophical Publ. House, London or The Theosophical Press, U.S.A.

Avalon, A.
The Serpent Power.
The secrets of tantric and shaktic yoga. Dower, N. Y. 1974

Bucke, R.
Cosmic Consciousness. New York: E.P. Dutton.1969.

Chinmoy, Sri.
Kundalini, the mother-power. AUM publications 1992.

Clarke, Isabel
Psychosis and Spirituality. Whurr Publrs., USA, 2000.
ISBN: 1861562020.

Landing, Matt
My Enlightenment Delusion

experiences and musings of a former Transcendental Meditation teacher

Thomas, Kate
The Kundalini Phenomenon


Edith Fiore
The Unquiet Dead : A Psychologist Treats Spirit Possession

Haich, E.
Initiation. AURORA PR, 2000. ISBN: 0943358507

Haich, E.
Sexual Energy and Yoga. AURORA PR, 1991. ISBN: 0943358035


Jung, C. G.
The Psychology of Kundalini Yoga: Notes of the Seminar Given in 1932 by C. PRINCETON UNIV PR , 1999. ISBN: 0691006768


Krishna, G.
Three Perspectives on Kundalini. FIND Research Trust, R.R.5, Flesherton, Ontario Canada NOC 1 EO.


Krishna, G.
The awakening of kundalini. E.P. Dutton, New York, 1975.


Krishna, G.
Living with kundalini. Read Introduction
Read quotation from the book. Shambhala Publ., Boston Massachusetts, 1993.

Rabindranath R. Maharaj / Dave Hunt
Death of a Guru. A J Holman Company, Div.of J.B. Lippincott Company 1977.


Livets Bog, I-VII (The Book of Life)The Third Testament. Borgen, 1947.
Preface to Livet Bog

The Eternal World Picture I-III
The Fate of Mankind
The Immortality of Living Beings
The Road of Life

The Road to Initiation
The Mystery of Prayer
Marriage and Universal Love
The Ideal Food

The Principle of Reincarnation
The Immortality of Living Beings
World Religion and World Politics
Literature is also avaible in
German, French, Spanish, Russian, Esperanto


The Primal Power in Man or The Kundalini Shakti. ISBN 87-87571-60-9


Sannella, L.
The kundalini experience. Psychosis or transcendence? Integral Publishing, 1987.


Svoboda, R. E.
Aghora - At the Left Hand of God. Read quotation from this book. BROTHERHOOD OF LIFE INC U.S.A., 1994.


White, J.
Kundalini. Evolution and enlightment. Paragon House, 1990.

Articles About Kundalini



The Intermediate Zone

Brunton P.

Paul Brunton on Martinus

Coward, H.G.

Jung and kundalini. Journal of Analytical Psychology 1985, vol. 30.

Greyson, B.

The physio-Kundalini Syndrome and mental illness.The joumal of Transpersonal Psychology 1993. Vol. 25, No. 1.

Greyson, B.

Near-Death Experiences and the Physio-Kundalini Syndrome. Joumal of Religion and Heath. Vol. 32. No. 4. Winter 1993.

Hills, C.

Is Kundalini real? From J. Whites book.

Jung, C. G.

Psychological commentary on Kundalini Yoga. 1932. Spring, Annual of archetypal psychology and Jungian thought. 1976.

Kason, Y.

Spiritual Emergence syndrome and kundalini awakening: How are they related? The academy of religion and psychical research, annual conference 1992.

Kason, Y.

Near-death experiences and kundalini awakening: Exploring the link. Joumal of near-death studies. Spring 1994.

Krishna, G.

Meditation: Is it always Beneficial? Some positive and negative views. Joumal of altered states of consciousness, vol. 2 (1). 1976.

Krishna, G.

Quotation from Gopi Krishnas' book "Living with Kundalini


Question time with Martinus - About Yoga etc.
Dying Cultural Factors

The Golden Baptism of fire
The Cosmic World Picture in Brief
The Principle of Reincarnation
The Very Highest Form of Yoga
The Virgin Birth
The Epoch of Intuition

On illness
Mental Prisons
Nervous Breakdown and Religion
False Prophets and False Christs

The Day of Judgement
Three Kinds of Fate
The Cycle of Marriage

The Road to True Happiness
On the Royal Road of Life

Martinus Quotations
Does the Terrestrial Human Being have Free Will?

Landsky, P.

Neurochemistry and the awakening of Kundalini. Fra J. Whites bog.

Ossoff, J.

Reflektions of Shaktipat: Psychoses or the rise of Kundalini? A case study. The joumal of Transpersonal Psychology, 1993, vol.25, no. 1.

Personal Stories

Personal Stories about Kundalini

Sanella, L.

Kundalini: Classical and Clinical. From J. Whites book.

Savola, M.

Kundalini Network in Denmark - Investigation of 76 cases of Kundaliniarousal.

Savola, M.

Concerning Eastern Methods.

Savola, M.

Pitfalls on the Spiritual Road.

Savola, M.

Possession - Superstition or Reality?


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