Citat - Dancing with the Devil as you channel in the light!

Dancing with the Devil
as you channel in the light!
by Reiki Master David Ashworth

Quotations from the book reviews:

"The new book - Dancing with the Devil as you channel in the light! - is a must-read for everyone interested in all of the above and especially for all people who are embarking on a path of healing - any form of healing - and those who have much experience in this area. It is a book about far more than just Reiki. It is the experiences and insights into the light and dark aspects of the 'unseen' by a man who has truly 'been there' and 'seen' and experienced the energies, entities and staggering potential for creative healing that exist everywhere within us and around us."

"A fairly lengthy chapter is presented about psychic attack, including forms of attack, entities, auric fragments, trapped spirits, possession, demons." Read the whole review>>

"Some of the most interesting and valuable aspects of David Ashworth's book are his Case Studies, some of which are quite alarming, as they involve people with damage to their energy systems through psychic attack or possession, presenting usually with quite severe illness."

"The book includes astounding cases of possession by a variety of entities and beings which the author has, by aligning with the forces of light, resolved with courage and determination. David also discusses the responsibilities and needs of those who seek to raise their rate of vibration by Reiki attunement, and gives a strong warning to all who treat the subject lightly or irreverently."

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